Writing Event & Other Notices – Tips from Pearson Publishing

Tavares, FL         March 12, 2014


If you want people to FIND and ATTEND your event, you need to include all the Five W’s in the notice so they can be read clearly.

Authors periodically need to send out event notices for book signings, speaking engagements and other functions (i.e. a book being published).

I thought I would attach a detailed guide on writing event notices from Pearson Publishing, the large publisher of education books.

*******  The shortlink to this article is:  http://wp.me/p4jbMu-3o   *******

Why?    I have seen event notices lacking some important details.

I see notices from many different sources without times, street names, locations or even explaining WHY a person should be interested to hear a speaker at an event.   I even see the local Daily Commercial advertising department fail to include or make facts easy to find about events they and the community sponsor.  Citing a landmark as a venue location is not acceptable.  Always include full street addresses with city so people can enter it in mapping software to find the location.  I would even test to make sure Google and other mapping software finds the correct location.

Another mistake is sending out a flyer with old dates or locations, and facts in the email or flyer are not complete.  Editing accuracy is just as important in notices and emails as in books.  Be very careful of using copy and paste for a notice and forget to update all the details.  I recently saw where a County Board questioned doing business with a large consulting firm because they copy and pasted a bid document used for a different county and did not even update the County name.

Also, if you create a pretty, colorful flyer as an attachment in an email, also include standard black & white text of the FULL notice IN the email so the reader can copy and paste that into their calendar, plus they don’t have to waste color ink to print a flyer.

An event or other notice is a MARKETING document that should not only be complete, but include facts to motivate or incentivize people to pay attention or attend an event.

Keep all the five W’s in short format in a block of info, then cite details.

Be sure to always include contact info for the meeting organizer, plus emails, website and Facebook links for yourself.  One reason is that some people will not go to an event without confirming some fact.  For instance, if an email is sent out without citing the city, only 1455x Hwy 441, which city is that in?  Or, the writer just cites a landmark and the potential attendees wants more accurate instructions.

First, view this page of the Five (or six) W’s of journalism for writing articles – it gives some good background.


Then here is the 10 page guide on writing notices so you can make sure it is complete.

Notice writing criteria



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